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About Us
Big John & Connie Pedersen reside in northern Iowa, but travel to The Rio Grande Valley in Texas in the winter .  Their love of music, close harmony, and smiling faces make every show fun to watch. Big John plays rhythm guitar and Connie has recently joined him playing bass guitar.  Hits of Classic Country, Rock 'n Roll, Gospel and Folk are their featured music. 

Big John was inducted into the National Traditional Country Music Hall of Fame in  2012.  

During the summer months you will find them entertaining in various Midwest venues, including music festivals, state fairs, town celebrations, art centers, church events, weddings, assisted living and nursing homes, community jams and anytime you want to have fun, live music!  

Summer time has them at Music Festivals in Nebraska, Missouri and Iowa, plus they appeared at several town celebrations.  2016, they opened for Sherwin Linton  & The Cotton Kings at the South Dakota State Fair in Huron SD.  2020 looks like lots more of the same. 

Their "Big John Pedersen & His Spare Parts Band" usually perform in the Rio Grande Valley, with occasional gigs in Northern Iowa.  They love to entertain you with Classic Country, Rock 'a billy, Gospel, and Rock 'n Roll music!  The Band is usually made up of Spare Parts, a blend of talented musicians from all around the USA and Canada.   
Our main goal is to entertain you and have fun while we're at it!  One thing that is always commented to us, "You guys look like you are having fun!"  That's our plan!

Contact us now!  Phone 515-320-2459 or 515-320-3064


"Everything is pending the COVID-19 restrictions.  Stay safe everyone!!! 

 PLEASE STAY HOME If at all possible!!!"

Thurs., April 30, 2020, Goldfinch Estates, Fairmont MN 2pm

Friday, June 5,2020 Oak Tree Opry, Anita IA 7pm

Sat-Sun, June 6-7, 2020 Wisecup Farm Museum Festival, Missouri Valley IA

Thurs-Sun, June 25-28,2020 Wahoo Country Music Festival, Wahoo NE

Tues, July 14,2020  Lunch with the Arts, Red Rock Performing Arts Center, Fairmont MN  12 Noon-1pm

Thurs-Sat, Sept. 3-5,2020 Macon MO Country & Bluegrass Festival, Macon MO

Contact us for bookings.  Available for shows or dances, private parties and happy hours. 


Big John Pedersen grew up in a family who loved music.  His father and brother played guitar and taught him the basics.  His mother played church organ and piano.  The music on the radio in their home varied from gospel to rock 'n roll with Classic Country always a favorite.  His strong voice and guitar playing naturally led to entertaining, starting in high school, a college rock 'n roll band and playing as a single and in various country bands.  A farming accident nearly ended his guitar playing.  His left hand and arm were severely injured and after reconstruction at Mayo Cinic in Rochester MN, he used his guitar as his incentive.  After several months of  physical therapy, he was able to get back into playing and singing.  

His entertaining came to a halt when he started farming and got married.  His time was consumed with raising a family, farming, a construction business and a seed business.    His entertaining was limited to church groups and campfires. 

While on a trip to South Texas in the winter, he discovered that his love of Classic Country music was shared by many people from all over the country.   He found out that there were music festivals in the midwest that he'd never known about.  

In summer of 2009, he and Connie traveled to the Avoca IA music festival.   This included entering the contests,  just for the fun of it.  His performances there earned him the full sweep of contest awards.  Best Male Vocalist, 1rst Place Country Song Writer, 1rt Place Gospel  Song Writer, and the coveted PEOPLE'S CHOICE Entertainer Award.  Since that time, he's won several more awards and in 2012, Big John was inducted into the Traditional Country Music Hall of Fame at the LeMars IA Traditional Country Music Festival. 

Big John's Favorite Spare Part,  Connie, joined the band in 2012.  She is doing her share of the vocals blending with Big John's great harmonies.   In 2015, Connie started joining in with her bass guitar.  Now, they are familiar faces at many venues. 

Jammin' just for fun in the Ozark Mountains at Lucy Jackson's cabin home.  Lucy on keyboard, Dan Bowers on Dobro and Mike the Fiddler on Fiddle.  Fun times on a Friday night!!!

(Don't mind the sound quality, it was made on a cell phone.  This is to show you what we do just for fun during our travels.)


Big John's band, The Spare Parts, is made up of a variety of multi-talented and "Hall of Fame" musicians he has met in the Midwest and Rio Grande Valley.  Band members might vary, depending on the location of the venue.  The one Spare Part  who is always by his side, is his wife, Connie.   She does vocals, creating the great harmony;  and in 2015, she has picked up the bass guitar and is helping out when it's just the two of them.     

The "Spare Parts" sometimes change depending on location and band members availability. 

The Winter 2020 "The Spare Parts Band" is full of multi-talented musicians:

Special Guests to the Spare Parts are Roger and Sharon Kenaston, RFD-TV, Midwest Country Show.  Both are members of several Halls of Fame.  They are extremely popular band in Rio Grande Valley and Midwest.  Roger plays lead guitar, fiddle and dobro while Sharon plays stand up bass and does vocals.  Plus, RGV local, Epi Martinez, a Texas "Hall of Fame" member joins on the drums.  We have a great time!!  

Sharon Kenaston is the CEO of the Wahoo Country Music Festival.  It is a Festival held every fourth full weekend in June in Wahoo NE Check out their website. You might want to come to WAHOO!!!

Big John with Spare Parts at the LeMars IA Traditional Country Music Festival following his induction into the 2012 Hall of Fame


2012 Big John following induction to the 2012 Traditional Country Music Hall of Fame.  Spare Parts who helped him with performances are (from left) Earl Binns, Connie, Kathy and Ed (deceased 2013) Duvall.